Morning Star Distributing is an authorized distributor of Model Dairy products to businesses and homes in the Reno/Sparks area.  We have been in business since 1976. Model Dairy milk and other products are made from milk produced by Northern Nevada dairy farmers in Fallon and Yerington. There are 15 independent dairies that provide raw milk to Model Dairy's processing plant located in Reno.

Morning Star Distributing
P.O. Box 20902 Reno, Nevada 89515-0902
Office Phone: 775-747-2379

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Morning Star Distributing 
Featuring Model Dairy Products Made in Nevada

Discover the difference Morning Star can make. We provide service above and beyond our competitors. Once you experience the difference you will understand you much we can make things easier for you.

We give much better service than our competitors and keep your walk in cooler supplied with a minimum of space used.

Convenience Stores
Model Dairy brand sells better than the out of State brands. We keep your cooler stocked and maximize sales.

Coffee Shops
Relieve yourself of the burden of having to supply your own milk, half n half and cream. We do the work for you at great prices.

Schools and Day Cares
Keep supplied with kid sized milk, organic milk and all your dairy kitchen needs

Vending Companies
We have products that are great for vending machines. Let us help you keep supplied with what you need.


Experience the convenience of having your milk delivered to your home. We get our products directly from Model Dairy (in Reno) and bring them to your house. Below are some of the advantages:

Early Morning Delivery to your Home. We get to your house before you leave to go to work and in time for breakfast (before 7:00 AM). 

The Freshest Just Made Products
The milk we deliver was just bottled fresh at the Model Dairy plant off Mill Street. Fresher milk tastes better.

Organic Products
We also sell "Organic Valley" brand Organic milk) 

More Than Milk-Great Selection of Products 
Butter-Eggs-Bacon-Orange Juice-Naked Juice brand-Coffee Cream and many other items. We have all the Model Dairy brand products. That means you won't have to go a different store just to get the products you want. 

High Quality Products 
Our products taste a better than the out of State brands that are shipped in from California and elsewhere. Model Dairy products are known for taste and quality.

Easy Ordering and Professional Service 
Setting up delivery is easy and simple. Just estimate your average milk usage and we will set up a standing order that will come automatically.

Easy Order Changes and Accurate Billing 
To change your order it as easy as dialing our 7 digit voice-mail system and telling us what you need to add, subtract or if you need to skip a delivery. Our system is computerized and the driver uses an on-board computer to keep him as accurate as possible. You will find us to be true professionals!

Local Products-Nevada Dairy Farms and made in Reno 
Model Dairy's production plant is located in Reno and employs a lot of people paying very good livable wages. Model Dairy gets the milk from Nevada dairy farmers located in Fallon and Yerington. Other store brands come from California,  Utah, Idaho or Oregon, and do not employ local people for production or distribution.

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Our Delivery Service is Divided into two Parts
Are you a interested in Wholesale/Commercial delivery to Stores, Restaurants, Schools and other Businesses, OR
Are you interested in delivery to your Home?
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Below is a listing of some of the brands that we offer to our customers