There are three ways to make order changes.
1. Phone into the Model Dairy voice mail system.
2. Phone the Morning Star Office.
3. Send an e-mail order change from this site.

Phoning the Voice Mail-The best way
Find out your route number. On your statement it is the first two digits of your account number. If you are in Northwest Reno it is 59 or 60.
Southwest Reno is 09 or 10

Routes 59 or 60 dial 775-352-4057
Routes 09 or 10 dial 775-352-4058
You can call in up till midnight the night before your delivery and the change will be made.
If one of those numbers goes to an operator do not leave a message. They make too many mistakes. Try re-dialing and if that does not work call the Morning Star office.

Phone the Morning Star Dist office-Second best
DIAL 775-747-2379  If we are in the office we will answer the phone but since we are a small company sometimes you will have to leave a voice-mail on the office phone.

Click on the link and fill out the form which will be e-mailed to us
This method requires that you make your order change by 3:00 PM the day before your delivery. If your delivery is on Monday you need to do it by Friday 3:00PM.
This method has the advantage of showing a list of the products we offer.
Web Order Form

Please call us if you have any questions about ordering. Morning Star office phone is 775-747-2379
There are two types of order changes
1. One time order change
2. Standing order change.
If you do not specify, your order change will be assumed to be a one time order change.
Morning Star Distributing
Home Delivery Order Change Info
Most customers have a standing order.
The "standing order" is very convenient because whatever is ordered is delivered automatically so you don't have to do anything except pick it up from your porch. Items can be ordered once a week or once every two weeks. Once a month items can be orerdered for the first delivery of the month only.

Change your standing order whenever you are getting too much or not enough of a product. We don't want you to get overloaded or to run short before your delivery.
Do you want the items you stated "extra" in addition to you regular order?    OR
Do you want the items you stated "only" and no regular order?
If you don't specify we will assume it is extra.
To start new service please click on the button titled New Service above
Please change your order as often as you want or need. We love it when customers change their order because then we know you are receiving maximum service!
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