Your salesman will help you understand your pricing so it is best to contact him/her but here are a few guidelines to help you understand how we price our products and service.

What type of business are you? 
1. Restaurant
2. Convenience store
3. Coffee shop
4. School
5. Vending company

What volume of product will you buy? 
1. Under $50 per delivery will incur a $10 delivery fee plus a higher price.
2. Over $50 but under $100 will incur a $5 delivery fee.
3. Over $300 per delivery can receive reduced pricing

What type of service will you want? Full service and stocking generally is a higher price than Pre-Order and Drop Ship but remember! We will always beat the competition!


We prefer to provide full service to restaurants  because that works best. To get a little cheaper price you can advance order your needs and stock your own shelves.

Convenience Stores

You will either choose Full service where we order for you, stock and arrange the product, and guarantee sale of product that we choose to stock (you need sales for this). The price for full service is higher.

You can choose Drop Ship where you give the driver your order when he arrives or you can have him figure it for you but:
1. He does not stock your shelves
2. There is no guaranteed sale of product. (No exchanges for outdated product).
This price is cheaper but there are other factors involved. The first one is the dollar volume of your delivery. If you are under $100 per deliver the price is higher. Over $300 per delivery receives a lower price. The dollar volume includes ice cream purchases so you if have us deliver your ice cream that will help you get a lower price.

Coffee Shops

We have special pricing to help coffee shops get the best pricing possible. Model Dairy wants us to deliver to coffee shops so they give us a special discount that we pass on. Coffee shops usually take only a few items like Milk, Half n Half Cream, Whip Cream. To get favorable pricing you need at least 20 gallons of milk per delivery.


Volume matters. Small schools can expect to pay about 50 cents per 8 oz container. To get a lower price you need to have a higher volume. See your salesman about other products you may order.

Vending companies.

We have excellent prices for vending companies. We have a large assortment of single serve products and strive to get you the best prices.