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Model Dairy Brand
Whole Milk (3.25%)
2% Reduced Fat Milk
1% "Lite" Lowfat Milk
Skim Nonfat Milk 
Skim Supreme Fortified Skim Milk      Orange Juice
Horizon Organic-Whole-2%-Skim
Egg Nog (In Season (November & December)
Model Dairy Brand
Whole Milk (3.25%) Plastic Cartons
2% Reduced Fat Milk-Plastic Cartons
1% "Lite" Lowfat Milk-Plastic Cartons
Skim Nonfat Milk-Plastic Cartons
Skim Supreme Fortified Skim Milk
TruMoo Chocolate Milk
Horizon Organic- Whole, 2%, 1%, Skim
Egg Nog (In Season (November & December)

Whole Milk (3.25%)  Paper Cartons
2% Reduced Fat Milk-Paper Cartons
1% "Lite" Lowfat Milk-Paper Cartons
Skim Nonfat Milk-Paper Cartons
TruMoo Chocolate Milk-Plastic Carton
Orange Juice-Model Brand from concentrate
Egg Nog (In Season (November & December)
Lite Egg Nog  (In Season (November & December)
14 oz MILK
Whole Milk  $1.79
2% Reduced Fat Milk  $1.79
1% TruMoo Choc Milk  $1.79
Whole Trumoo Choc Milk  $1.79
Strawberry Milk  $1.79
Quarts Trumoo Choc 1% $2.59
Egg Nog in season.
Half Pints (8 oz) School size milks in Whole, 2%, 1%, Skim, Chocolate
50 cents apiece if you take 2 Gallons or 2 Half Gallons with your regualr milk delivery. 50 cents apiece
Butter   $2.84
(Note: prices change monthly-callf or current price)
Cottage Cheese
Quarts Regular 4% or 1.5% Lowfat $5.59
Pints Regular 4%, 1.5%, Nonfat$2.99
8 oz Regular 4%$1.89
Sour Cream
Pint Nonfat$2.89
8 oz$1.49
Half & Half Cream Quarts $3.25
Pint       $1,65
Pints International Creamers French Vanilla, Irish Cream, Hazelnut.
Yopalit Brand Yogurt  6oz. 
Flavors are: Strawberry, Straw/Banana, Blueberry, Peach in the regular (1% fat) and in the Light (Nonfat): Strawberry, Peach and Raspberry, Blueberry. 
89 cents each (no minimum order)

Quarts Yogurt are Berkeley Farms Brand in Stawberry, Peach, Raspberry, Vanilla and Plain$2.69
Whipping Cream
Pint   $3.09
13 oz Can Whip$3.09
1 pound package of pre-sliced cheese in Cheddar, Jack  and Swiss or a 1.5 lb pack of Pepper Jack. These are very popular because they are pre-sliced real cheese not that wrapped cheese food product.
Lactaid lactose free milk in 2%, 1%, and Nonfat. We are sorry but you have to order this in boxes of either 6 Half Gallons or 12 Quarts unless it is the Quart size of 2% which we can sell individually.
Tropicana brand fresh squeezed Orange Juice in Regular or Calcium fortified
$4.69  56 oz
Liquid Eggs in Quarts of Regular These are nice because it eliminates cracking shells.
3 Lb Box of Cheswick brand Cream Cheese.
The Cheeses below come in 5 lb blocks or 5 lb bags
Shredded Mild Cheddar
Shredded Mozzarella
American and Swiss American Sliced
Tampico Juice Drink
Citrus or Mango $2.09
Shredded Cheddar & Jack
Model Dairy milk comes only from Northern Nevada dairy farmers who all have signed legal affidavits saying they will not use artificial growth hormone also called rBST or rBGH
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Click here for the prices on milk in Gallons, Half Gallons and Quarts

For Wholesale/Commercial prices please call our office.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix. Half gallons in Vanilla or Chocolate. This is Model Dairy's award mix that can be used in soft serve ice cream makers like the "Cusinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker" available at Sears or Best Buy
We have more than the products listed above that are more suited to your store or restaurant needs. We also deliver ice cream to wholesale customers with a large selection of products. Please call or e-mail for more information.
Half Gal$2.89
Pint  $1.39
EGGS -Fresh AA
Dozen $2.49 ot less
Brown Eggs Dozen$2.79 or less
(Note: egg prices change monthly
Price for milk
Gallon $3.95, Half Gal $2.75
Detailed Milk Price explanation Click Here

$2.55 -15 oz
Soft Servie Ice Cream Mix in Vanilla and Chocolate- $4.19