Morning Star Distributing 
Your Milk Delivery Company
Featuring Model Dairy Products
We are independent distributors for Model Dairy of Reno Nevada and deliver exclusiively in parts of Southwest and Northwest Reno. 
Morning Star is owned and managed by Cliff Nellis. 
We have been in business since 1976 providing dairy delivery to Reno/Sparks homes and businesses.

Debbie Parks is our new Home Delivery Driver. 
Debbie prefers to called "Milkmaid".  Debbie loves delivering to your home and helping to save you trips to the store for milk and other items. 

Todd Cook delivers in Reno and Sparks on a commercial/wholesale route. Todd has many years experience as a milkman. You will love his service and professionalism.
Vaughn Parks is the General Manager. Contact Vaughn for any service or quality issues. He will also help you with any invoicing questions. 
Glen Allaback recently joined the company. He delivers in Reno and Sparks on a wholesale/commercial route. Glen worked for Model Dairy previous to coming to us and he knows the products and service well.